Sunday, December 17, 2006

The First Trimester Remembered

Randi has passed a major milestone in reaching the twelve week mark. No more concerns of postponing hair color treatments or flu shots. Everything has been going well. We still will not be able to get another glimpse of Pooh and Tigger for another couple weeks, but all signs are positive. There is also the outside possibility of determining the sex of the babies at the next ultrasound, but we would more likely see lassos than tutus.
Randi's appetite is erratic, either nothing sounds good except a long nap or she's eating anything she can every couple hours, but she is pushing through. We have had no visual signs of issues with the blood clot. So here is a "best of " for the first trimester:

1. Randi taking 5 home pregnancy tests to make sure they were accurate.
2. Learning of twins via teleconference from the exam table to the construction site.
3. On said teleconference, making sure Suzy took a couple extra minutes to make sure there were only two babies and no more.
4. Sharing the news with our families, and trying to make it a surprise with only a few minor hiccups.
5. The look on Oma's, Randi's grandmother, face upon hearing of twins and saying, "NO, you are lying!"
6. Hormones, hormones, those crazy, unpredictable hormones.
7. Eating large dinner's out and stopping to pick-up a "snack" on the way home.
8. Gaining more weight than Randi in the first trimester.
9. Always knowing who was driving home from Auburn football games.
10. Seeing Randi glow.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Packing On The Pounds (Trying To)

Randi is now 11 weeks along, and everything is going really well. She's gaining weight, feeling sick everyday, and constantly fatigued. All good signs...probably the only time in our lives when I'll be allowed to say all that. The biggest struggle has been eating enough to accumulate a minimum of 2500 calories each day recommended for twins. Like the Taco Bell ads, she's become a 4th and 5th mealer. To date, she has only gained 4 pounds of the 20 pounds that are recommended at 20 weeks for expecting mothers of twins. Although, I'm starting to see my own weight gain coming along just fine.
Our next ultrasound is December 29th, and it will be amazing to see how much they have grown. Everytime we get the opportunity to glimpse into their little world we are awed at the new developments and growth. By the next appointment, they will have tripled in size from our last visit.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Our First Ultrasounds

These are a couple of our early ultrasounds that have been taken. The first on was taken when they were 7 weeks, 3 days on November 14th. The dark crescent-shaped area above the babies is the blood clot. The second picture is from December 1st, or 9 weeks, 6 days. On this day, we were able to audibly hear both babies' heartbeats, both at 176 bpm. We were also able to see blood flow and see a lot of movement from both of them. They are both measuring perfect for their age, and we have decided to name Baby A Pooh, and Baby B Tigger, after their first presents they received by some friends of ours.


Welcome to our blog. This is the first time either of us have attempted this, so bear with us as we work out the bugs. Hopefully, our learning curve will not be very long.
On October 18th, Randi and I found out we were pregnant. On November 6th, we had our first ultrasound and found out that we were having twins. It is now the first of December, and I will try to get you caught up on the first month of our pregnancy. Everything looked great in the first weeks. Randi tried to keep working, but was suffering with extreme fatigue. On November 13th, she started cramping and bleeding. We feared the worst. The next day we found out that she had a blood clot between the placentas and the uterine wall, called a subchorionic hematoma. Thankfully, both babies looked fine, but we needed to keep a closer eye on the situation. She has remained on bed rest since then in order to alleviate the situation, and, after our visit to a perinatologist yesterday, it has been working. She has been given the "all clear" to return to work. Hopefully, this will be the only real hiccup we encounter over the next 6 months.