Sunday, July 26, 2009


Some of you may have noticed when we updated our blog design that the name changed from "Two by Two by Two" to just "Two by Two." This is because we made the decision a couple of months ago to find a better home for Duke, our youngest Pointer. Unfortunately, at this stage in our lives, with very small children, we are not able to give him the attention he deserves. It was very hard to make this decision, but we felt it was the best thing for Duke. The couple was in the process of relocating to Atlanta and had overseas travel planned the months of June and July, so we were not able to deliver Duke until today. I drove up by myself because Todd had some things he had to take care of here. I thought I had prepared myself for this day, but I find that I am very sad tonight. I know he will get the attention he needs with his new family and will be very well taken care of, but I can't help but feel we let him down. I know he's a dog, but I hate that I left him with complete strangers today.

Duke, we sure will miss you buddy!