Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today...four years ago...Randi and I exchanged vows surrounded by granite, stained-glass, and smiling faces. It was an Auburn football off week. All the old friends we got to see again, all the family members we were meeting for the first time, its was a blur.

I do have a few inescapable, frozen memories of that day. There was the Colonel's scrambled dog, pictures on the front steps of the church with Dante, the stretched Navigator surprise, the nod and the wink, missing out on not only our own dinner but also the leftovers, the band, the dance, the limo ride to Atlanta, and the flight the next morning with my new bride to explore not only a new part of the world but also each other.

After over a year of dating and several years as friends, the past four years have drug on and flown by all at the same time. If I had to describe each of them in one sentence, they would be:

Year 1: I get to live with you, seriously I really get to live with you.
Year 2: Wow, are we really moving again?!
Year 3: So, what do you want to do now?
Year 4: Oh crap, we are having twins!!
Year 5 Prediction: Big changes are afoot and growing boys under foot.

Thank you to all for helping us make it through this last year. It was a tough one for both of us.


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I was looking for some clothes for my sons and saw this. I thought immediately of your boys.

Anonymous said...

i am so blessed by your faith and your relationship with each other. randi what a sweet, sweet husband you have -- and little ones what great parents!!! :) congratulations on 4 great years! love in Christ, kimberly mason