Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our New Home

We haven't blogged much about our big move, but some of the regular readers may have picked up on it. In March, Todd, the boys and I made a move to a different state. We had planned to move to Atlanta, where I was certain to get a good paying job, and Todd would be more likely to the type of job he was looking for. I ended up accepting a position working from home full-time. So when that happened, we decided maybe the big city wasn't for us after all, and we decided to settle in a much smaller town that might be a better environment to raise our children. No offense against the ATL of course, we love the city we used to live in, but we were worried about education for our children and the cost of living, not to mention the traffic and long commutes.

So, we took a bit of a leap of faith, praying that Todd would be able to find a job in the field he loves, construction. In light of the housing crisis, we didn't know if that would happen. He began to open himself up to the possibility of working in commercial construction rather than residential as it seems a little more recession-proof. After being here 2 months, he had no real job prospects, let alone an interview. We tried not to dwell on it much, but both of us were beginning to get very discouraged. On the other hand, he was able to get some quality time taking care of the boys.

I'm happy to report that on Monday Todd will begin work with a commercial construction company about 45 minutes from where we live. While it's still a bit of a commute, there's no real traffic to speak of, and the company is providing him with a vehicle. That will certainly help with the commute! But more importantly, we feel certain this is where God would have us be. The gentlemen he's going to be working for are Christian men, who have boldly told him their priorities are God, family and work, in that order. These men have decided to invest their time, money and energy in my husband and teach him what he needs to know. We couldn't be happier.

We have had a rocky road as far as jobs and moves in the less than 5 years we've been married. There were too many moves to count. We both finally feel we are where we are supposed to be, and we can now finally begin to grow roots. We are finally somewhere that feels like home!


Lori said...

It is wonderful that Todd has found a job in the career that he loves and is eager to learn more of! I am happy your family has been so blessed with all the trials and hurdles you have had along the way.

I am glad to hear that everything is working out and falling's almost like someone had a plan or something! ;)

ivegot5 said...

Really happy for you guys! Glad things are working out. Thinking of you all.


Carrie said...

We recently moved too and while it's a stressful process, it's all been worth it in the end. Praise God for a great work environment for Todd!

You'll find small town living so great for the boys- we certainly are loving our new life in the country.

Anonymous said...