Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our First Beach Trip

We traveled to Orange Beach, Alabama for the weekend. It was the boys first real trip to the beach. We were a little concerned it would be too cold for them, but the weather was beautiful. Much the way it always works, Wyatt LOVED the gulf, the sand, the pool, all of it. Parks on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with any of it. We really couldn't have two more different boys. Unfortunately, we failed to bring the camera the one time we were on the beach with Wyatt in the water. Every time the waves hit his little legs he would laugh hysterically. Here are a few pics from our weekend.

Our attempt at trying to capture a Christmas shot on the beach. Wyatt decided to use Parks for balance and Parks did not like it.

Some sweet friend of ours boated over from Pensacola for breakfast. While the boys didn't actually ride in the boat, they loved exploring.
Note the look on Wyatt's face. He was so excited, he wanted to climb over the back of the boat and play with the engines. His lack of fear absolutely terrifies this mama, especially when our condo was on the 15th floor.
At the zoo in our new Radio Flyer wagon. We've had been debating whether to get one of these for months. So far I really like it.

The closest Parks would get to any body of water. Never mind the fact that he wouldn't even let his feet touch the sand.


Lori said...

TOOO Cute!!

a gracious plenty said...

sorry we missed y'all. i am glad you had fun.
the boys are getting so cute i can hardly stand it.
love, kh+lem

Carolina Mama said...

Praise the Lord everyone is doing so well! We were praying along through their early days. Blessings.

Your makeover looks great too.

Daijah said...

Amazing.... love your post & your kids too, both of them are so cute.

JMom said...

They are getting so big!!!