Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Big Scare

The boys were at a Mom's Morning Out program at church this morning when Randi received a call that Wyatt was having a seizure. Luckily, she was in route to pick them up and was only a few minutes away. Apparently, he was beginning to act very tired odd and was starting to spike a fever. They put him in the swing to let him rest. Sometime in the next few minutes he closed his eyes and started having convulsions. His teacher immediately called 911 and got paramedics on site. Randi called me before she had arrived and told me I needed to get back as soon as possible since I was over an hour away from home.

When Randi arrived, Wyatt was already starting to come out of the seizure, they loaded him and Randi in the ambulance to the emergency room. He was lethargic and unresponsive for a while after the convulsions ceased. With Wyatt's neurological history brought on by his prematurity and growth restriction, we had only the worst in mind.

I finally made it to the hospital to find him stripped down to a diaper asleep on Randi's chest in an emergency room bed. His fever was still at 103.2 F when he arrived at the hospital. He was completely out of it. The poor little man. It seems like these things more often than not happen to him. We found out that he had experienced a Febrile Seizure that is due to a rapid rise in temperature. Fortunately, there is only a slight risk that it will be something that develops into any type of epilepsy. To sum it up, it seems his body got too hot too fast and shut down. It is something that he will eventually grow out of, but there is a chance that it will happen again with future fevers. There will be precautions that we will have to take, but it is such an answer to prayer that it is not far, far worse. Our prayer now is that this was an isolated event and we won't have to deal with this in the future.

As you could imagine, he slept most of the rest of the day after we were discharged. He started to show signs of normalcy during our evening hours of play, though he was moving a lot slower and seemed a little off kilter. What a wild day that has left us all drained.....except for Parks, who seemed to absorb all the energy that we were dispelling. He was soooooo wound up, it brought a little comic relief.

We will try to keep everyone posted on Wyatt's status as we monitor him over the next few days. Thanks for everyone's prayers. They were definitely felt today.


keri said...

i'm so sorry that happened! but i know what you went through. evan had a febrile seizure when he was about 1 yr old. i was home alone when it happened and it was NOT FUN to watch! he has never had one since then....so hopefully it will be a one time thing for wyatt too!! i'm glad he is ok.
hope ya'll have a good t'giving!

Amanda Davis said...

HI there. Randi can tell you that Sydney has Epilepsy and there is nothing scarier than a seizure. I am very glad that he is ok. Jen called me as soon as she talked to Randi and I felt that fear all over again. I am praying for yall that this is a one time occurance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and try not to worry.


Matt and Amy Snow said...

SO sorry!!!! I bet that was super scary!!!! You've come to mind several times today and now I know why. Y'all are in my prayers and remember--"God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and sound mind." I pray you rest well in peace tonight.
Happy Thanksgiving!
00h--you've inspired me to go check C's temp while he sleeps. We've stayed home for Thanksgiving b/c he was running such a high one yesterday :)

Lori said...

I know how scary a febrile seizure can be... I am sorry that you and Wyatt had to go thru that!

My thoughts and prayers are with you as they are everyday.

Anonymous said...