Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Night

Only because I know this will not be the case for years to come can I say this, we did not dress the boys up in funny costumes, we did not go trick or treating, we did not have anyone come to our door for candy, and both boys were sound asleep in there beds by 8:30 p.m. We did have a little fun with them earlier in the evening. It was my job to hollow out the large pumpkin we purchased on our trip to the pumpkin patch. We placed them inside of it a let them play around with the "innards" for a little while. Much later in the evening I used the pumpkin the carve their names in before discarding it the next day. Here are some pictures for our fun, peace and quiet style.

Parks playing peek-a-boo.
Wyatt hanging out.
Baby's First Halloween outfits on both boys.
Wyatt pumping some iron.
Man, I love the night-vision function on my camera.
At least its not a vein-ladened picture of Randi's belly during pregnancy (April 23rd post).


Aunt Boo said...

Looks like fun!

I love to check on them and see how big they are getting!


Anonymous said...

very cute! very creative with the pumpkins (both the use and the carving!). randi, please email me your new email address again. i think i lost it -- i know big surprise! love you! kimberly mason