Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The boys will be six months old on November 15th. It will also be my (Todd's) 32nd birthday which makes it kinda fun that their "half" birthday will always be on mine.

We have started introducing some variety to the boys' diets and a new-fangled way of eating...with a spoon. As you might can tell from the pictures below, it is going to take some time to get them accustomed to this. It's hard to keep their attention, and for that matter, keep much of anything down. It's a good thing that we already instilled in them the flying hand and airplane noises that it makes early in their matriculation. Although, I did have to remind Randi that it is much more effective when it is a "vwhoooooosh"-ing sound and not so much, a "reeeooooorrr" sound.

They are becoming fun, laughing in full bellows, and they are also starting to exhert some independence. I'm sure it won't be long before they are mobile and start to learn the dreaded "NO."

Parks, trying his hand at some rice and pears.
Wyatt with a mouthful, inside and out.
Parks getting the hang of it.
The boys out for a walk in their monkey hats.
Me feeding both boys and Duke in a precarious position.

Post Script- Pertaining to solids, Parks has recently been pooping only once every 2-3 days. We have tried all types of remedies, but the one sure fire way to "get it out" is to hold, yes I said hold, a suppository in place for several minutes. After that, he lets out some rock solid specimens that any full-grown man would be proud of.


Carrie said...

Reading your post made me think of the saying I heard once: There are three things we can't do for our kids - eat, sleep, and poop.

Ha! I guess you proved the last one false huh? :)

My kid's doc always said that as long as they aren't uncomfortable kids can go days without pooping. Personally, I prefer to narrow the variables down when determining the cause for cries that we end up trying some sort of remedy on the 3rd day. Have you tried Flaxseed oil in their cereal? It's super healthy for them and helps with constipation. Sweet potatoes also do the trick, at least at our house.

Carey said...

ansley went on a 10 day poop strike. relish in not having to change so many poopies!!! (as long as they are comfortable) i keep prunes on hand for any pooping emergencies.

poop talk is so much fun!

Todd and Randi said...

We have been giving Parks a tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil every morning for several weeks. Most times it works, although upon occasion, we need to take more proactive steps when he gets real, real uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

todd could have done without that last note! :) are you sure he needs that -- i guess you can tell he is uncomfortable because by this age they don't get concerned until it has been 3 full days. good luck! we had the same ordeal with halle! love the hats! the boys look soooo great! i can't believe they were early! i think they are as big as luke! it looks like wyatt is close to catching up! watch -- i bet he will end up being the bigger of the two! ya'll take care! you are in my prayers! :), kimberly

Anonymous said...

Hey Randi and Todd, well when my kids were like that we would just give them a jar of banana's. That or you can just give them apple juice watered down. Believe me the apple juice works. My kids to this day have runny bowls with apple juice. LOL. Well let me know if either of them work. Love you guys. Hope to see yall soon. Bye for now. April

Anonymous said...

Wow - now that the boys are basically the same time, you can REALLY see the similarities between the two. Especially in the carseat picture, they look identical. Come on, you should get them tested!