Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 20 Months!

The boys came into this world 20 months ago today. I really cannot believe it's been almost two years since they were born. We are experiencing such a fun time with them right now, that I thought I better sit down for a few minutes and document it.

Parks is a little live wire. He has truly turned into a fun little spunky boy in the last couple of months. He wants to be the center of attention most all of the time. He's beginning to want to run everywhere instead of walk. He wants to go outside every opportunity he gets and it doesn't bother him at all if it's 30 degrees. He is saying more and more words everyday, including moon ("moo"), ball ("ba), diaper ("diader"), Pooh ("boo"), Dante ("nana") and bro bro ("bo bo"), his name for his brother. He's not talking very much yet, we usually have to ask him to say these words, but we're getting there.

Wyatt is a sweetheart. He is for the most part, a very easy child. He loves to laugh and has the best little belly laugh I've ever heard. He loves to push things around. Pretty much anything he can whether it be their wagon or our office chair. He too wants to be outside all of the time and loves the moon and the stars. He is saying many of the same words as Parks, but uses them very sparingly.

They both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Signing Times and have mastered many different signs. We're currently working on the signs "to share" and "I'm sorry" as all we do these days is steal each others toys. Our favorite book is "The Moon Shines Down" by the same author as "Goodnight Moon." We love splashing in the bathtub and playing rough with Daddy, especially on the sofa.

This really has been such an enjoyable time for us. I only wish I could spend more time with them. I know that time will pass very quickly and we'll soon be moving on to the "terrible two's." I am trying my hardest to enjoy every moment I do have with them.