Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Touch A Truck

We recently took the boys to a local function called Touch A Truck in the downtown area. they close off a few streets and bring in all types of vehicles for children to crawl around in, honk the horns, and flip some switches. Our boys had a very good time. The event was for Toys For Tots, and people were asked to bring one new toy as a donation for entry.

Parks acting out how a "he-we-cota" flies.
Seriously, the only picture we have of Randi or me. It was hard to keep up with them at this event.
Wyatt driving a WWII Army Jeep. All he wanted to do was honk the horn.
Parks throwing the hammer down in his rig.
A preview of the school years, Wyatt up and down the aisles.
"Hey, hurry it up, bus driver!!"
Don't expect these letters getting delivered on time.
Every little boy's favorite: the fire truck
Wyatt holding down the front bumper.
I had to climb up into the fire truck to get Parks out. He did not want to leave.
The both got fireman hats, balloons, coloring books, bouncy balls, foam fire trucks and so much more. They slept like logs during nap time that day, and, of course most those items I mentioned were in their cribs too.
Question: What can brown do for you? Answer: Brown can sure fill up some diapers!!


Lou Lou said...

I totally just emailed the Marietta City Events planner about this. what a great idea for the kids and for Toys for Tots. I hope Marietta will do this!

Lori said...

OMGOODNESS!!!!! Wow they are growing right on up!! Adorable!

Garrett said...

Just discovered your PRECIOUS blog! This ''truck event " looked awesome. Where is this? Your boys are ADORABLE!!!

Jamie Burnett Photography said...

Adorable... My boys would have loved this. They are so cute!

Mom of Eleven said...

so glad to see your sweet boys are doing so well. They are PRECIOUS! enjoy these days, soon they will be soo big!

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

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