Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Holidays

Randi and I hope that everyone's holidays were joyous and safe. We have been on the go nonstop since Christmas and really haven't slowed down since the first of the year. We were in Columbus and Cartersville, Georgia visiting family for Christmas and went to Camden, Alabama for New Year's. Last week, Randi was in Orlando for work while I painted our new home that we are moving into by the end of the month. Next week, we will be in Atlanta for the Duke vs. Georgia Tech basketball game. The following week Randi will be in Destin for work, so needless to say January will be every bit as busy as December. Today, we are heading to Mobile to register at some stores for the upcoming baby showers. update on Pooh and Tigger. Randi is gaining weight well now, and her belly has started to pop. It getting more round and is extremely tight to the touch. After not seeing her for a week, I noticed a big difference; however, most people on the street would still not realize she is pregnant. Also, there appears to be very little evidence of her hematoma. Randi had two appointments recently with the perinatologist and the OB. The perinatologist has been the one doing the ultrasounds for us, which we like because they are all level 2 ultrasounds. Our last session must have lasted 45 minutes. The nurse kept printing pictures, almost 35 of them in all, but we were sure they were not all for us. We came to realize that they were as she slyly whispered, "Now, don't get me fired for these; put them in your purse," with a sign clearly stated above her head that read the maximum number is three.

The technician also told us that there would be no way to determine the sexes of the babies at only 14 weeks, but she decided to make it her personal mission to exhaustively investigate the matter. After much poking and prodding, literally, she made initial educated guess that we might be having TWO BOYS. Randi and I both saw what she saw, as she made a point to take picture of both "units" with a big arrow pointing directly at them. We are not putting much stock in this early guess, although we are optimistic that she was at least 50% correct on her assessment.

I am also soon to post a slide show of the best 8, out of 33, ultrasound pictures from our last visit, if I can master the technology. Also, for those of you wanting to see the pictures of their "units"....grow up. This comment is mainly directed at my friends. No harm intended.