Monday, January 22, 2007

Cause for Concern

Randi is now at a little more than 17 weeks. On our Friday appointment with the perinatologist, we were able to get another ultrasound of Pooh and Tigger. We had a reconfirmation of our confirmation that they are both boys. Their measurements are on track for their gestational age, growth rate of their torsos, femurs, heads, and the like; all areas that would raise concerns for a child with Down's Syndrome. Although these measurements look great, the doctor saw something in their diastolic flow from the umbilical cords. Ultimately, they are having to work too hard for their nutrients. They do fine when their heart is beating, but when it pauses, their is not enough blood flow on the back end. Again, this is no cause for alarm now, since the placentas are more than able to support a six ounce baby, but it will be a problem when the placenta tries to support a three pounder. The doctor raised Randi's folic acid medications and guided her to start intaking a lot more calories daily. She has currently gained 12-14 pounds, but he wants her to have gained 24 pounds at 24 weeks. She's going to have to adjust her diet to grazing constantly during the day, instead of large meals. Hopefully, this bump in the road will correct itself with time and better nutrition, but please say a prayer for the little guys. Thanks.


Matt and Amy Snow said...

Absolutely! I'll keep praying. How ironic that the ONE time in your life that it's favorable to gain weight, it becomes a difficult chore. This will be another testimony to "Pooh" and "Tigger" of God's sovereignty and sustaining grace. Go graze and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Keeping tabs on you. As a mother would say "EAT". Saying a prayer.
Love to you,