Friday, January 12, 2007


Randi started having some pain on her left side on Wednesday that was very nondescript. The pain steadily increaseD on Thursday, and she decided to call the doctor. She went in for a urinalysis to make sure it was not a UTI or kidney stones. When that was negative, they decided to do an ultrasound. They determined that the pain was caused by her uterus expanding and was nothing to be alarmed about. The technician also made a second check of the babies and got clear pictures of Pooh and Tigger from underneath. They determined that both babies are DEFINITELY boys!! Randi is truly going to be outnumbered soon, with myself, the two male dogs, and our future twin boys. Now we know for sure that we need to get Auburn jerseys and not cheerleader outfits. Also, we can cut our list of potential names in half...not that we have come up with anything yet, but there is still plenty of time for that.


betsy young said...

Oh my goodness. Two boys. Can't help you there with any words of wisdom.
Love to you all,

JenMom said...

What's wrong with Pooh & Tigger?

Matt and Amy Snow said...

So precious! I really am in awe of the whole "gwowin'in your belly" (quote from Elizabeth) thing that God created. Totally amazing! Keep the pics coming---they are a nice trip down memory lane. My best advice for the twin boys is to start "boy proofing" your house now, get familiar with all weapons (b/c everything becomes one :-) ), paint your bathroom walls yellow so it won't be SO obvious when they're learning to aim, get ready for the mud and LOTS OF HUGS/KISSES!
It's a wonderful adventure!

Chad said...

Can we change the names from Pooh and Tigger to Ronnie and Carnell? You'll at least have to get them a 23 and 24 jersey.