Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy 8 Months Boys!

Wyatt and Parks' are 8 months old today. They are very busy and developing nicely. Parks is rolling over like crazy and uses this as his sole means of mobility. He doesn't seem too interested in learning to crawl just yet. He is also sitting up unassisted for long periods of time. He hasn't really learned how to put his hand out and catch himself, so he just falls back and bonks his head.

Wyatt is also progressing nicely. He's typically anywhere from 6-8 weeks behind Parks in his physical milestones, mostly due to the fact that he's smaller so not as strong. His physical therapist was very impressed with his progress this week as he is beginning to sit unassisted. She tells me that she expects he will be completely caught up by 18 months old.

Todd and I were just discussing how hard our lives were the first two months after they were born. Those two months seemed to last an eternity. Now that they are 8 months old, we have our routine down to a pretty well-oiled machine, they are sleeping almost 11 hours at night, and those early days are becoming more and more of a distant memory. We are having a blast with them both! Their personalities are blossoming and they are starting to show interest in each other. It's too cute! I am trying to savor every moment. I know this time will pass too fast.


a gracious plenty said...

happy birthday, boys.
i am so glad they are doing well and beginning to enjoy each other.
i miss talking to you and hope all is well.
love, k

Jack's mom said...

Todd and Randi- Carey Phillips shared your blog with me and your story is so wonderful! I am so glad the boys are doing well. It is truly a miracle to see them progress before your eyes! We have a 14 month old and every day does get more fun. You are very right that the beginning months seem so far behind us now! Good luck and keep enjoying the boys!
Jennie Connor Councill