Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Still Moments

Our boys are now 7 1/2 months old and mobility is beginning, especially with Parks. He is definitely our little spitfire and he wants nothing to do with sitting still. No, he's not learned to crawl yet, he can merely roll, but he thinks he can run. He now gets impatient when he's on the floor, when he's in the exersaucer, and even when we're holding him. He wants to be mobile!

Todd and I alternate which baby we feed each time and tonight it was my turn to give Parks his bedtime bottle. A lot of nights this can be a struggle because he's typically so worn out by then.
I'm not sure why but tonight was the exception. He smiled and giggled the whole time I was dressing him, which is rare. Typically, he screams through the entire time. He took his entire bottle without incident, which is rare. Typically, we might have to wrestle him to get him to drink it all. And the best part was he let me rock him and sing to him without trying to fight me. He usually wants to look around the room, mostly at his brother's crib soother because other than that it's pitch black. As I rocked him he rubbed his hand on my cheek and looked me square in the eye. Each time they do this my eyes fill with tears. I have never experienced uncontrolled crying the way I have since I became a mother. And then he buried his little face in my sleeve and closed his eyes. I was in heaven!

Wyatt on the other hand is content to sit still and take in what's around him. He doesn't need to be moving at all times. I know it's coming, but in the meantime, I am enjoying the still moments I have with him. These times are short-lived.


pam said...

This story made me cry! I know what you mean about all the flowing tears once you become a mom. Happy New Year.

JMom said...

Yes, the tears are a condition no one warns you about.

Last night, R let me wrap him up in his bath towel and rock him "like when I was a bay-bee." Few and far vetween, but sweet just the same!

thebodie5 said...

I cannot believe they are 7 1/2 months old!! What big boys they have become! They are still so adorable. Hope you are all doing well. I would love to hear from you guys! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your families. :) TTYS! Amy B. (NICU nurse)
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