Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do You Understand the Words That Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

Now that Parks and Wyatt have started talking a lot more, they now have quite the vocabulary. They are no "Chatty Kathy's" by any means, but the sign language is getting push aside for more stimulating, adult conversation. Here is a partial list of words they posses and my best attempt to "phone-et-tickle-ly" spell them.

Turtle - "tour-tel" - one of the sweetest little sounds you'll ever hear
Star - "sta"
Moon - "moo"
Cow - "moo"
Dog - "doug"
Brother - "beau-beau" - he's Southern
Catus - "kak-ta"
Brick - "bic"
Mine - "my"
Poop - "poo"
Winnie the Pooh - "boo"
Mickey Mouse - "mi-mow"
Minnie Mouse - "me-mow"

Parks -
Football - "but-bowl"
Baseball - "but-bowl"
Basketball - "but-bowl"
Donald Duck - "da-duc"
Momma - "da-da"
Dadda - "ma-ma"
No - "no, no, no" - with a finger wave
Grandpa - "poppa"
Emu - "moo-moo"

With the Momma and Dadda for Parks, he knows the right way to say it, but it appears he already knows how to pull our leg and make a joke.


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

LOVE the "but-bowl"!

pam said...

What a great list of words. I can't believe what good talkers they are.