Monday, February 16, 2009

Growing Up

Here are a few random pictures of the boys. I was going back through photos of them when they first got home from the hospital. Even now, from time to time, they seem like the little babies that were so dependent on us for everything, but with their second birthday approaching in a couple months, it seems hard not to recognize that they are growing up into little boys.

Parks seems to be much more of our people pleaser. He is very helpful when asked to do something.
Wyatt would much rather do his own thing.
Parks is seems always ready to horse-play with me.
Wyatt needs a little more prodding to horse-play. He is much more into reading his books and babbling about what he sees when he reads and the toys he plays with.
Parks is much more demanding of our time. He constantly wants to be held and has picked up a habit of whining about nothing at all for extended periods of time.
All in all, they are growing up so fast together, yet their personalities become more distinct each day. They are really starting to get to the point where they see each other as companions, enjoying playing together and copying each other. It really is such a joy to be able to witness it.


April O'Dell said...

Hey there Randi and Todd. This is April. Your boys are growing up soooo fast. I see how my 3 have changed just in this school year. I wish I would of done something like this with my children. I have taken some pictures of my kids and would love to share them with you. So when I get a chance I will e-mail you some of mine. I have just taken some of lexie today. I am going to take some more of the boys probably next weekend. So when I get them all I will send you some. Love ya guys. I really enjoy the blog.