Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Pink Pig

On the way home from my (Todd's) parents house after Christmas, we met some friends of our at Lenox Mall in Atlanta to ride the Pink Pig with all the kiddies. It was only when Julie started asking where the pictures were from that day that I remember we had them and had not posted them. So, Merry Christmas all over again. If any of you guys are in and around Atlanta, it was a lot of fun for the little guys. I would not suggest it for older kids or dads who are 6'2" tall. I had to unfold myself to get out of the ride.

If you do not know, the Pink Pig started in 1953 with Priscilla the Pink Pig debuted as a monorail ride at Rich's department store in downtown Atlanta. In the 1950s, children waited to ride on the Pink Pig — a string of metal monorail cars that carried them high above the old Rich's store, where they could gaze down at the wonderland of toys below.Mommy letting Parks try on some pig ears.
All of us together as we rode around the track. The original Pink Pig Monorail car on display.I wish I could say that Parks is smiling but he was ready to get out.Mommy and Parks - midride.


pam said...

Oh, that looks so fun. I am ashamed to say I haven't checked in on you in ages. The boys are so grown up and they look wonderful.

What a beautiful family!!