Sunday, February 11, 2007

Movement and Moving Down the Road

There are no new updates since our last blog "Cause for Concern." We have been to the OB since that time, but she gave us her usual response of "no worries." We are returning to the perinatalogist on this coming Friday for new ultrasounds and new echoes.

Just to give you an update on what we've been up to, Randi and I have been in Orlando since Wednesday for the International Builders' Show for work. It was a seven hour drive from Pensacola to Orlando, but in that time we were able to put all potential names onto an excel spreadsheet....yes, my wife is a recovering C.P.A. For the four names we have to decide upon, we have narrowed it down to roughly 120. It will be a slow process, and we may even leave a little wiggle room at the end.

During the days at the show, we walked on thinly carpeted concrete floors for 5 hours each day and toured several model homes in the area that the expo was showcasing. During the evenings, we raided the outlet malls for maternity clothes and baby garb. Of course, we were successful in the procurement of many "cute" outfits for mother and children. I got a pair of basketball shoes. Randi was a trooper and didn't leave the floor early any day.

Randi also started to feel both Pooh and Tigger moving over the weekend. With this being her first pregnancy, she had previously dismissed it. The movement has been erratic, at best, but mainly in the evenings. I have yet to get a chance to feel it for myself, I'm sure it will come. We're sorry for being a little slack with the blog, but it's been a crazy couple of weeks. We should have more updates and photos this weekend after our doctor visit.


Matt and Amy Snow said...

Yeah! I'm so glad everyone is doing well! It's so exciting to feel them wiggling (which will soon become KICKING/PUNCHING :-))Congratulations on your time away together, and blessings on picking out the names.

JenMom said...

Once they start moving, you reallt get a glimpse at their personalities. How fun!!!