Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our first (and hopefully last) trip to Labor & Delivery

Todd and I had a fun morning planned today. We were going to have a 4D ultrasound done and were excited to see the babies again. However, late last night I began experiencing some cramping. This always makes me paranoid. I drank tons of water, laid on my left side and they never seemed to improve. The cramping kept me up some during the night and did not improve this morning. I called my OB who was in surgery so they told me to go to L&D. I really did not want to miss our 4D ultrasound, so I tried calling my perinatologist before going to the hospital. I didn't realize that he does not see patients on Wednesdays. Uggh!! So, off to L&D we went.

Once we got there they hooked me up to the fetal heart monitors, took my blood pressure and monitored any contractions I might be having. The nurse found Tigger's heartbeat relatively easily; however, Pooh was another story. After trying herself for several minutes, which felt like an eternity, she called in an OB resident to assist. By this time, Todd and I both were getting really nervous that there wasn't a heartbeat to find. The resident came in with an ultrasound machine and it wasn't 30 seconds later that we had a good heartbeat. We both breathed a huge sigh of relief.

All in all, we were there probably two hours. Everything is fine and I am not experiencing any signs of pre-term labor. The babies were extremely active and if nothing else that gave us peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

Still praying.

Anonymous said...


I was out of town without a computer so I just read your latest updates. I'm glad you are taking it easy and following doctors' orders. Keep that positive spirit!!!


keri said...

hey randi...i can't imagine how nervous ya'll were waiting to find that heartbeat! i'm so happy to hear that everything is ok.

Bolline Family said...

Glad everything is okay. Praying specifically!!

Fay said...

Whew. So glad to hear it was a relatively boring trip to L&D. I do agree, I hope it's the last for another 8 wks or so! You and your baby dudes are in my prayers!