Friday, August 31, 2007

Our First Road Trip

WOW!!! What a monumental feat!! I did not realize everything we would have to pack that we use on a daily basis. Unbelievable. It's a great thing I'm a self-proclaimed "master packer." We had ourselves, the two boys, Dante, and all the trimmings stuffed into our Grand Caravan. Somehow we got it all in there. Not long after we got on the road, I realized that I had not been on an interstate highway since February. This coming from a guy that drove through 46 states and 6 countries before I was 26 years old. It was an odd feeling. I had forgotten the etiquette of high velocity travel.

We had to stop twice to feed the boys, once at a gas station--getting hot water for the formula from the coffee maker-- and stopping the second time in Auburn, Alabama only 45 minutes from our final destination, but we just COULD NOT go any further. We were actually able to stop at the house of one of Randi's high school friends. The trip otherwise was not very eventful. There were a few hiccups from the boys but no major inconsolable fits. We were also able to rig up the white noise machine in the car to give Parks and Wyatt a familiar sound. Randi and I, on the other hand, had to speak a little louder to get a conversation in over the constant "swooooooosh." We finally made it to Randi's parents house two hours later than it normally takes.

One of the main reasons for the maiden voyage of the "Goodship Lollipop" was for the season opener of Auburn "Allbarn" Tigers football. It will feel good to regain some minute semblance of normalcy. The other reason for the trip is to celebrate my mom's birthday. We have the whole "compound" descending from the hills of north Georgia to Randi's parents house on Sunday, plus most of Randi's extended family will also be in attendance. It will go on record as being the second largest gathering of our two families next to our blessed union of husband and wife, although my spidey-sense is tingling that Randi and I will not be at the center of attention. It will be interesting to see (A.) how much we can screw up Wyatt and Parks routine we have worked so hard to establish and (B.) how quickly they can bounce back and recover. We might live to regret making the trip and never leave our house again until the boys are ten years old...or maybe later.


Anonymous said...

hope you had a great trip! i have to admit reading your story had me giggling in remembrance of our first trip with the boys. i still cannot believe we lived the first 3 years of their life with an old, small '95 honda accord. vans are so awesome!!!!! the trips do get easier!!! i promise! so happy to hear all is well with you and your sweet boys. :) Cara Gaskins

JMom said...

I am laughing at the comment, "the trips get easier" since our 3 hour trip this weekend involved 9 potty stops.

Anonymous said...