Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Party II

Here are some more photos from the party. There are still more to come over the next couple days. Wyatt in his party wear after opening his new Radio Flyer coupe. He loves to play with all the knobs and buttons.
Parks and mommy taking a break after opening gifts.
Parks and me after the meltdown that was the smash-cake.
Parks taking his turn in the car. Parks cares more about getting pushed around than all the gadgets on the dash.


keri said...

happy birthday to your boys!! what a joyous occasion...their first year seems to have flown by.

(and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog & for the prayers!)

JMom said...

Precious! I can't believe they are old enough to be sitting up in cars...time flies!

Kimberly said...

So sweet!. That little car is just so cute! Glad they had a great birthday!