Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Hidden Poop

I was told by my wife to rename this post, "The Missing Poop."

So, Parks was running around the other night refusing to wear clothes (yes, we are at that stage). Randi can smell that he has a poopy diaper, but he does not want her to change him. He is running away from her all over the house. We ask him if he has a poopy diaper, and, like most of his answers, he screams "no, Wyatt!!"

At this point, he is in our bedroom and comes out of there with his hand in the back of his diaper. We immediately cried for him to get his hand out of there. We ask him what he was doing, and he has no answer. We checked his pants and they felt a little lighter. We asked him again, specifically, "Parks, did you take poo-poo out of your diaper?"-----"Uh-huh." Next, we ask, "where did you put it?" No answer.

We start looking in our bedroom for any small, round, brown balls. We look all over and can't find anything. We ask Parks again, "did you take the poo-poo out of your diaper?" This time we are back to the old game of "no, Wyatt!!" We look all over for the missing poop but have yet to find anything. Who knows if he actually took anything out or if we'll find it in the middle of the night under our toes when one of us get up to get some water or use the bathroom?


JMom said...

OH, these are the stories I cannot wait for!!! :-)

Lori said...

HAHA!!!! Parks always did have a way with his poop :P