Monday, May 4, 2009

Kentucky Derby Days

On Saturday afternoon, we took the boys to Storybook Farms where they provide a type of therapy to children with life-threatening illnesses, disabilities, and suffering from grief. They opened the farm up to the public during the Kentucky Derby to raise awareness to their cause and to have a little fun. They had train rides, music, a bounce house, games, and a demonstration by the Auburn Raptor Center. They brought out eagles, owls, hawks and buzzards for people to see and take pictures with these animals. We figured that we could get the boys out of the house again to round out a weekend of festivals.

Parks has found a new play place...the car. If we get him out of the car seat, we can't get him out of the car.

Mommy found out about the new alphabet Cheezits that have large letters on each cracker. Wyatt was in heaven!
The one problem with bounce houses.....
.....if you put them in, you had better be ready to go in and get them out.
They had fun with these plush "horseys."
As you can see, we stayed around this area for quite a while.
It took a little while for the boys to figure out how to ride their new toys.
Wyatt was mesmerized by the little details the candy-cane striping, the horse's mane, etc.
I think it is about time for someone's first haircut.
What finally ended the day for us at Storybook Farms was Round 10 of the ongoing saga over who can drive the wagon. They are not really getting the concept of "taking turns" yet.


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Good luck with the haircut! I'm taking both the girls tomorrow for a cut by myself.

Looking forward to Friday. I'll give you a call on my way down.