Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road Trip

We are heading out today on a trip down to the beach so I can compete in a triathlon on Saturday. It will be a nice little 4 hour trip in the car with boys. We are bringing my mom along to help out with the boys while I am doing what I need to on Friday and Saturday. Our kids just don't do very well in the car for long periods of time. They usually don't sleep much and that makes them extra cranky.

We broke down a bought a portable, dual screen DVD player for the car. We gave it a test run last weekend when we went to Atlanta to visit friends for the holiday weekend, and it worked wonders. I commented to Randi that I was no longer needed in the car to entertain the boys in my silly ways. We bought it just for long or extended trips and have taken it out for general rides around town. We did not want them asking for Mickey Mouse every time we loaded up. Hopefully, we will stick to our guns and not turn this into an everyday thing.

We should have a lot of fun. The weather actually looks pretty good, compared to recent days. We are working on getting the BIRTHDAY PARTY pictures sorted and edited to get them posted, and we will probably have a slue more after this beach weekend.