Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Big Scare

We were at a park yesterday with the boys playing on the swing sets and playgrounds that they had. For the most part, there were no real issues of the day. Parks was a little upset that the playground equipment was damp from the previous night's rain, and Wyatt could sit in a swing for a 4 hours completely entertained. Both were enjoying the slide on one of the forts as we helped them up the ladder and down the slide.

We moved the party over to another fort that the boys had not been on yet that morning. This one did not have a slide, only monkey bars, a sliding pole, and knotted rope that provided fast exits to the mulch below. I helped Wyatt navigate up the wooden ladder and got him on the platform. Randi and I were both standing there talking as I started to help Parks up the ladder as well. Both of us lost track of Wyatt for about 20 seconds, then Randi saw what was about to happen. She yelled out to me and then to Wyatt, but it was too late.

Wyatt had walked to the other side of the fort and stepped right off the edge of the platform. Randi went running over to him, but by that time, he had hit the ground. It was about a 6 foot drop, and he landed square on his upper back. I still had Parks halfway up the ladder when it happened. I put him down and Wyatt did not make a sound for a few seconds. Then, he finally started to cry. We could not see anywhere that he was bleeding or anything else externally that might be immediately evident. He cried for a really long time. We kept checking him for bruising or bleeding, but it is hard for a 2 year old to tell you where exactly it hurts.

We monitored him the rest of the day and talked to our pediatrician about warning signs that we needed to be looking for, but from what we could tell he appears to have bounced back (no pun intended). Randi went and woke him up in the middle of the night once to make sure everything was okay. The only thing we can see are a couple of scratches running down his back. We debated hard about taking him to a Children's Hospital facility and may go ahead and get a CT Scan done for this and other non-related symptoms of his Duane's Syndrome that we are on the lookout for. Please pray for his healing. We keep thinking back to Natasha Richardson and what tragically happened to her.


Mama Bear said...

Oh my! I'm sure you guys were scared to death! I'm glad he appears to be ok.