Friday, February 16, 2007

Week 21 Ultrasounds

Here is a picture of Baby A, Pooh, with his hands up over his face, probably in self-defense.

Here is a good look at the profile of Baby B, Tigger.

A great picture of both babies in one frame. Tigger, B, is on the left and Pooh, A, is on the right.


Bolline Family said...

Hi! I came over from JenMom's blog. I will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers. After a difficult twin pregnancy and 11 weeks in the nicu we just brought our boys home this week so I definitely understand your fears. God is SO good and he will sustain you. I'll be praying that your boys will BOTH be delivered healthy many many many weeks down the road.

Love from Texas,

Aunt Boo said...

Hang in there. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you.

See you soon!


Alison said...

Love the pics. Praying....

marva hazelrig-mcrae said...

I came over from JenMom's blog. Praying in Alabama. My twin boys are 10 months old (8 months adjusted). God is so good all of the time! HE is the great physcian! We will being praying for you both and your precious sons!