Friday, February 23, 2007

Share And Share Alike

Being a liberated man, I have decided to take some of the burden off of my wife. As you can see, she is letting me carry one of the babies down the home stretch, so that everything is even between us. The only way that Randi would let me take a picture of her is if I agreed to let her take a picture of me with my expanding waist line. Like her's, mine will only be temporary. At 21 weeks, 6 days, Randi has gained approximately 18 pounds, well on her way to the goal of 24 pounds in 24 weeks. As my wife can do everything better than I can, she is ahead of me on the overall weight gain chart and my gestation date is uncertain (sarcasm implied).

This weekend we will be one of our last travel weekends with showers on Saturday and Sunday in Georgia. Please pray for us as we are on the roads. Randi returns to the OB next Tuesday, and, hopefully, we will have a pleasant update for everyone.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Many Thanks

Randi and I would like to express our utmost gratitude for the ground swell of support and prayers that have flooded in since our last few posts. Although we are very concerned about the boys, we are keeping our wits about us, realizing that its a "wait and see" situation.

On a lighter note, Randi swears that she will let me take a belly photo of her...when she's not feeling too "gross." Also, she says that she will get on the blog and start writing a few posts. Thanks again for taking the time to check in on us.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Week 21 Ultrasounds

Here is a picture of Baby A, Pooh, with his hands up over his face, probably in self-defense.

Here is a good look at the profile of Baby B, Tigger.

A great picture of both babies in one frame. Tigger, B, is on the left and Pooh, A, is on the right.


After our four hour visit to the perinatalogist today, Randi and I believe that we are at a crossroads with the pregnancy, and our hands appear to be tied. Our cause for concern is beginning to be realized. There is a restriction of the diastolic flow of blood, the period of time when the heart is resting between beats, in Baby A's (Pooh's) heart. This is causing less nutrients to reach the baby and placenta, which is resulting in decreased growth. Baby B, or Tigger's diastolic blood flow has improved and he appears to be minimally affected by the condition, and is continuing to grow on a normal growth curve. However, Pooh is starting to show signs of growth restriction. His head and heart are looking great, but this is because the body diverts blood to these more needed areas first. The organ in his abdomen and extremities are having to fight harder than they need to for nutrientsm therefore resulting in him having a small belly. Tigger is measuring on target at 20 weeks, 5 days, when Pooh is measuring at 20 weeks, 1 day; with his head-to-belly ratio measuring a week behind. Pooh is weighing in at 11 ounces and Tigger at 14 ounces.

Like I said there appears to be little we can do. Randi has increased her folic acid and baby aspirin intake to keep the blood from becoming sluggish, and she is increasing her overall caloric intake to make sure that the blood that reaches the babies is of the highest nutritional potency it can be. We will revisit the perinatalogist in three weeks to closely monitor the situation, with an appointment with the OB squeezed in between those visits.

The prognosis is wide open. BEST CASE: The situation resolves itself. Both babies make it to 34-36 weeks or a due date of June 15Th. GOOD CASE: The situation holds and Pooh is slightly to moderately smaller than Tigger at birth at anywhere between 30-34 weeks, with time in the NICU. BAD CASE: The situation worsens with even less blood reaching Pooh and both babies being delivered between 26-29 weeks with extensive time in the NICU under close watch. WORST CASE: unthinkable.

So, with out hands bound we will take them, clasp them together, and lift them high towards heaven in prayer. We ask that you will do the same.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Movement and Moving Down the Road

There are no new updates since our last blog "Cause for Concern." We have been to the OB since that time, but she gave us her usual response of "no worries." We are returning to the perinatalogist on this coming Friday for new ultrasounds and new echoes.

Just to give you an update on what we've been up to, Randi and I have been in Orlando since Wednesday for the International Builders' Show for work. It was a seven hour drive from Pensacola to Orlando, but in that time we were able to put all potential names onto an excel spreadsheet....yes, my wife is a recovering C.P.A. For the four names we have to decide upon, we have narrowed it down to roughly 120. It will be a slow process, and we may even leave a little wiggle room at the end.

During the days at the show, we walked on thinly carpeted concrete floors for 5 hours each day and toured several model homes in the area that the expo was showcasing. During the evenings, we raided the outlet malls for maternity clothes and baby garb. Of course, we were successful in the procurement of many "cute" outfits for mother and children. I got a pair of basketball shoes. Randi was a trooper and didn't leave the floor early any day.

Randi also started to feel both Pooh and Tigger moving over the weekend. With this being her first pregnancy, she had previously dismissed it. The movement has been erratic, at best, but mainly in the evenings. I have yet to get a chance to feel it for myself, I'm sure it will come. We're sorry for being a little slack with the blog, but it's been a crazy couple of weeks. We should have more updates and photos this weekend after our doctor visit.