Thursday, March 27, 2008


Roughly a month ago, Randi and I were away for the night, and our nanny kept the boys over night. This included the bathtime/bedtime routine that we do every night . Normally, it goes like this. We run bath water, set out towels, turn on the radio softly, and warm bottles. We then bathe Parks first. He loves taking a bath and playing in his bath seat while I bathe Wyatt. After the bath, we have our nightly wrestling match to get them both dressed before giving them a bottle and off to bed. If everything goes well, they are in bed at 7:30 in the p.m. and will not get up until 6:30 in the a.m. So, you can see why "the routine" is so crucial.

On the night in question, Parks did not want to take a bath. He fought the nanny the whole time he was in there. He clung to her neck and did not want to get anywhere near the bathtub. After she finished putting them both down for the evening, she recounted the event to us. We could not figure out what had changed in his attitude for a normally fun bathtime. We figured it was because a stranger was bathing him. That was until, he did the exact same thing for us the very next night. Looking around we finally figured out what got him so spooked. It was the new Boon Frog bath organizer that we had installed the previous day before we left. We were amazed that this new "imposing" figure had such an affect on him. What kind of frame of reference does a 9-month old have for fear like that? It was very interesting. See photo below:


Lori said...

That was a weird bathtime! It is amazing how something so "cute" and trivial could envoke fear in such a small innocent little person. Imagine how he will react if he has to do a frog disecction in Biology class when he grows up? LOL!