Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wyatt's Delirium

Recently, we went out for the evening and returned late than normal. Both boys were really fit-to-be-tied. They were extremely fussy, and we knew that our bedtime routine was not going to be fun. As usual, Wyatt finished his bottle well before Parks did and Randi was trying anything to keep him occupied. So, she started blowing air in his face by squeezing the bottle. He started to die laughing. Most of what is on the video below was the second round of laughter because I was still in the process of feeding Parks and the video was in another room. It must have gone on for 4-5 minutes and had both of us cracking up. Here's the video of what we witnessed.


keri said...

oh my gosh....that is sooo funny!! i love his laugh!
and i enjoyed seeing all the easter photos...your boys are precious!