Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy 10 Months Wyatt & Parks!

Wow!! Half way into March and no posts since 2/26. We have been feverishly preparing for a family move that is actually happening this weekend. Amid all this chaos, we want to mark the boys 10 month birthday today. They are both doing very well and are staying with Randi's mom overnight while we pack up everything.

Wyatt is still wearing his Starband helmet, but we are going for a scan and fitting on Monday. This will give us an opportunity to see how much he's really improved over the last month or so of wearing it. He is starting to become a lot more more Quiet Wyatt. He loves turning things on and off, i.e., his crib soother, lights, electronics. He also loves toys that spin. In preparation for our move, his development has been assessed twice in last week. In both assessments, he scored extremely well in his fine motor 0r stationary skills and about 3 months behind in his gross motor or locomotive skills. He sits up for hours at a time and has just learned to roll over consistently. There are no real signs of crawling yet. He is 27 1/2 inches long, only 1/2 inch behind Parks. He was 2 inches behind him at birth. I knew he hadn't been gaining weight at his normal pace lately, so we were relieved to see it was because he was getting taller. We were so excited to see that he is on the growth curve for height (15th percentile) for the first time since birth.

Parks is now full blown in the middle of separation anxiety...mostly for me. It is so bad that I can't leave the room that he's in or even walk by the door opening without going into meltdown. He's got the temper of my side of the family. He is pulling up on everything and crawling very well. He gets frustrated because he wants to do more than his abilities will let him. We really think he'll be walking before his one year birthday. He LOVES the Baby Signing Time video and getting his picture taken. He is a stout little thing. He weighs 21 pounds and is 28 inches long.

We have some great pictures and video over the last three weeks that we will post soon. We are both ready to get settled in own new town and have it be the last time we make this kind of move. We really do feel like we are coming home this time.


ivegot5 said...

Good luck on your move and know that I'm still praying for you guys. Parks' weight is wonderful. I just got Shannen up to 22 pounds and she's 22 months! Your boys are beautiful. Wyatt's tests sound like they came out wonderful. He sounds like he is right where Neil was around that time... and Neil and Shannen both are ahead of the scales now. Hope your weekend goes well.


Lori said...

Thats GREAT! They have both come so far from when I first met them! Its amazing when you sit back and look at them or think about just how fast they grow and develop.

I wish your family all the best in the move and with all things to come in the future. Wonderful things happen to wonderful people.

God Bless!