Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Homecoming...Part Duex

The Day Has Come. We have been waiting for a long time to have both of ours sons at home. This Saturday will be the 40 week, full term for both of them. It has been six weeks today that Randi delivered Wyatt and Parks. Well, I am happy to say that I am sitting on the sofa at our house with little Samuel Wyatt on my chest and using Randi's nursing pillow to prop up the laptop to write this post. Emerson Parks is fast asleep in the crib, and Dante is collapsing into a nervous sleep from all the new sights and sounds of two needy, young babies in the house.

A Series Of Fortunate Events. We have been trying to find sustainable, albeit not permanent, solutions to Wyatt's blood sugar roller coaster. We finally found a mix of several medications, including iron supplements, a steroid, and an insulin suppressant, all with different dosing times. It has been four weeks, but it appears a workable solution was found. Wyatt was able to hold his blood sugar above 70 for over 48 hours. He is gaining weight on breast milk alone, but we will need to check his blood sugars at least four times daily. Immediately after discharge, we went to his first pediatrician appointment. He now weighs 4 pounds, 12 ounces, an impressive gain, yet still far below the growth curve. His brother, on the other hand, now weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces. He gained a full pound in a week. We are hoping that having Wyatt home will produce the same results. On the downside, we just discovered today that he has an inguinal hernia as well as an umbilical hernia we were already aware of. We have been referred to a pediatric surgeon to see if these are things that need to be operated on immediately.

A Little Mix-Up. On the way to the NICU to discharge Wyatt, I missed a call and got a message. It went a little like this. "Hi, this so-and-so from the, what sounded like the, 'Drool Hospital.'" The next lines were the most odd, as we were thinking it was the NICU calling. The person on the other line said, "we have you circular saw ready for pick up." Huh? Was this code. Apparently, I had forgotten that I sent a saw to the "Tool Hospital" to be fixed because I had cut the power cord. I have not been very mentally sharp the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

yeah, we are so excited for all four of you. i hope the first night runs smoothly. so glad you are all together.
love, k&h
ps: todd what is a umbhe?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I was pretty upset to not have Wyatt last night & didn't get to come visit with him until earlythis morning. He looked so much bigger to me! Marilee updated me on his progress, and told me the great news about his homecoming. I know you guys are thrilled! I am so excited for you, just wish I could've visited more before he went home. Well, I know you'll be busy...but give me a call anytime. I'll be checking this page frequently, so as not to interrupt you. You'll all 4 be missed! Good Luck & Congratulations! Amy, RN

JMom said...

Welcome home, M Family! I remeber that first night of having everyone home...and thinking, "Wow!" This is just the beginning. Congrats!!!

ivegot5 said...

So glad you are all together again! I remember it being such a great feeling! Really really happy for you guys!


Anonymous said...