Friday, June 1, 2007

Wyatt Update

Well, I had hoped to update with all good news as I visited this NICU between 11 am - 1 pm and things seemed to be looking better. His blood glucose had normalized for two separate readings, one at around 10 am and another one right before I left at 12:30 pm. However, Todd and I went together this evening and found out the doctor had ordered his IV fluids be lowered and within an hour Wyatt's blood glucose levels were 44. Just so you know, they like them absolutely no lower than 50, but 60 is really as low as he should be. So, they raised the IV rate and when we were there his sugars were 77. Not too bad, but we are a bit confused why they keep pushing this child. He is clearly not ready to be off the IV. Unfortunately, his doctor is gone for the day, so I will have to call in the morning and see if he's going to be there then.

Without sharing too much detail, I have also learned that Wyatt was possibly not receiving the most prudent of care from his doctors last night when all of this got really ugly. Basically, it took them almost 30 hours to stabilize his blood sugar and he was having dips as low as 26. Sugars that low are extremely dangerous! Todd and I are very disappointed and very worried and are trying to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Please keep Wyatt in your prayers and also his caregivers, that they make the best decisions for his health and that they allow him to move at his own pace instead of pushing him harder than his fragile body can handle. Thanks so much!!


JenMom said...

Oh, I can only imagine how frustrated you are. I am so sorry! Praying as you requested.

Aunt Boo said...

Me too.


melodie miller said...

Prayers are with you. Your frustration is understandable. Follow your instincts. You are great parents. Wish we were there to help with babysitting duty. Love you, Mel

Anonymous said...

Two days after my twins were born, my son's blood sugar was also slipping dangerously low. I was trying to nurse them and it was taking my milk FOREVER to come in...basically I was starving my 5 1/2 pound fellow. (The breastfeeding gurus frowned upon supplementation) Thankfully, my sweet husband was handling the discussions w/ the doctors and nurses (I just couldn't). He received good advice from the nurses,"this little guy is yours and you may insist on specific care for him"...we did INSIST that they supplement him w/ formula. He was then able to regulate his own blood sugar in a few days and was able to go home w/ my daughter and me! Prayer, perseverence, and a wonderfully take charge husband brought our situation around dramatically :) Hang in and keep on top of his care...Twin Mom, LaTricia Dickman

Bolline Family said...

So glad that Parks is home with you, how wonderful! Praying for little Wyatt, that the doctors will figure out the appropriate pace for him. We had lots of issues with blood sugars too in the beginning. Praying that he will be in good hands!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray and think of you all daily! Take care! ... and stay strong! Love, Trish

Anonymous said...

I'm with LaTricia. Praying is key, but also be aggressive/assertive when you speak with the caregivers. And you can never ask too many questions (even when you feel like the caregivers are getting annoyed with you). Wyatt is your baby and you instinctively know what is best for him. Sometimes the doctors get so busy that they don't have the time to learn exactly what the situation is (and nurses might not be communicating everything because they know how busy the doctors are).

I'm praying for y'all!

Anonymous said...