Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our First Christmas At Oma's

We have finally returned home after a whirlwind trip to squeeze in as much Christmas as we could. We were able to share Christmas with both Randi's family and mine, visit with friends, look for houses, and even go to a doctor's visit for Wyatt. We made the four hour drive up to Randi's parents on Friday, celebrated her Oma's (grandmother in German) 82nd birthday on Saturday, and did Christmas with her whole family on Christmas Eve. The boys did great although all of the travel was pretty hard on them, and on mom and dad, specifically between the hours of 2 -3 am each morning. We are looking forward to next year, when we can begin some of our own family traditions and can celebrate Christmas morning at our home with our little family. All in all, we had a wonderful first Christmas with the boys. Randi and JMom with our twin boys and her triplets.Since Parks has started to roll, we can't seem to stop him...
even while getting his diaper changed.
Wyatt and Parks in their Christmas outfits going to their great grandmother's house.A very tired Parks looks on as wrapping paper is shredded around him by his cousins.Wyatt holding close to mommy amidst the chaos of 25 people opening gifts.Wyatt, his baby rattle and his distorted reflection.Parks playing in his favorite Christmas present.
No more daddy having to hold him in the bath.