Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some New Pics of the Boys

Above is a video our nanny took of Wyatt laughing out loud while trying to still suck his thumb. I know I'm a little partial, but he is so cute. Anyways, we also attached some pictures of our recent "goings-ons."
Wyatt....laid back in the cut
Our little "elves in training" or, at least, that's what their sleepers said.
It must be Duke basketball time. Maybe one day one of our boys might go to Duke so that my fanhood may be legitimized. Until then, I will remain a closet fan.
Parks (right) with baby Elliott almost 4 months younger than Parks. They both weighed 5 pounds at birth. He is aspiring to be as big as Parks one day. They grow up so fast.Me with my hands every sense of the word.


JMom said...

I love it. But I am dying to know...Who was the silly voice in the video?

Anonymous said...

love the video! sounds like a GREAT nanny! love the one of wyatt all laid back too! funny!! love, kimberly p.s. call me if you have more questions for john. sorry i had to go yesterday. with all the screaming i couldn't even hear if you said good bye or not.

GrandPa said...

The boys are so cute and growing up SO FAST.....wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year......Linda and Mr. E