Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our First Visit to See Santa

We were not really sure what to expect when we took the boys to see Santa at the local mall yesterday. It was a real testy day already, but we decided that it was now or never. We went as early as we could to get towards the front of the line. Who could know when the boys would decide that they had had enough. We had our new "My Tiny Hands" labels on their carriers just in case any stray hands found their way to pinching our children's cheeks. We were, as you would guess, quite the spectacle with innumerable "are those twins?" questions. I don't know how triplets, quads, or John & Kate + 8 do it.

We finally got to the front and handed Parks and Wyatt over to Santa Claus. They were like deer in headlights, as the pictures below show. There was no screaming, no crying, only utter disbelief that we would hand them over to a complete stranger and dangle toys in their face to perform. They looked at us like, "okay, what am I suppose to do now?" After a few minutes in the big guys lap, we paid for our pictures and left without incident. We were both relieved that they were both so tolerant.

The final product.
A live action shot.
Parks all dress up to go to town.
Wyatt, a little man in full.
Not the best photo from this night, but I love their faces.
The boys with a rare double smile captured on camera.


Anonymous said...

photography with multiples is so difficult, isn't it? i would be thrilled with your santa photos. they look great. i love how santa and the boys all three seem to have the same expression on their faces in the first photo.
love the one of parks and wyatt smiling too. thanks for sharing.
love, katie

pam said...

WoW!!Look at those plump little babies, oh how they have grown.They look amazing and great shots of Santa.

Carey said...

love the double smiles!

Anonymous said...

hysterical commentary!! i laughed out loud! love the pictures! loved talking to you today! keep me posted! talk to you soon! love, kimberly