Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1..2..3..4..Give Me 5

The boys are developing such unique personalities. The other day we were at dinner, and I had one boy on each side of me. It was like night and day. Wyatt, our little details oriented son, was checking out the lines on the tablecloth. He studied every one intensely. He stared at them. He touched them. He tried to put his mouth on them. Parks, on the other hand, was banging a toy phone to the beat of the music playing over the airwaves and babbling ceaselessly.

Wyatt has also become fascinated with his hands and feet. Whenever he is in a high chair, he props one of his legs up and crosses it over his other leg. He loves to bend his fingers down, like forming numbers, and examine them. So, I started counting numbers on my hand, counting 1..2..3..4.. Parks likes things on more on the rambunctious side. He has started giving high-5's on command. He will raise his little hand up and spread his fingers out waiting for you to slap it. Now, in order to keep both of them entertained at the same time, we have combined the two styles. Now, to get them both laughing we go 1..2..3..4..Give me 5.