Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue Christmas

Our boys are starting to communicate with us more and more. Parks has started consistently and purposefully formulating his first sign to us. And what is it you may ask? Is it eat or more or drink? No, it is DOG? How appropriate. I guess the constant tail-swatting and face licking left quite a lasting impression. He will even sign for dog when we ask him about a specific dog by name.

Wyatt loves it when you copy the Campbell's Soup tag line, "mmm, mmm, good," while you are feeding him his fruits and vegetables. He really loves the "good" part, but he is usually in full, gummy grin with the "mmm, mmm's" in anticipation. Also, he is repeating back the "mmm's" consistently. I guess the word good is still a little complex.

Parks and Wyatt both have loved listening to daddy sing "Blue Christmas" in the bathtub for nearly six months. I try to sing it real deep and slow. I also ham-it-up a lot, worse than any cheesy, Vegas-lounge singing version of Elvis. Well, the other night I was full on into the second verse when Parks repeated back to me the full chorus--"Dial han ug boo boo boo keema." And, of course, he would not repeat it when I was able to get Randi in the bathroom.

They are really starting to pick up on a lot of what we are doing. Parks has taken special interest at Randi and I when we kiss in front of him. He looks at us with a sideways grin, not quite sure what we are doing. He knows somethings up.