Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Helmets and Bananas

Wyatt got some new digs for his helmet this week. For any of you out there with Starband helmets, rub-on transfers work best. We wanted superheros or Tonka trucks, but the closest we could find was fishing. Wyatt goes tomorrow to get his helmet adjusted. He has rubbed one nasty raw spot and developed a heat rash up the back of his head. Hopefully, we will only need the helmet a couple more weeks. He has made such improvements. The shape of his head is noticeably different. I will have to attach a copy of the final head scan when it's all said and done.Today, the boys and I were eating a real banana, not the semi-liquid, semi-solid mush that comes from Gerber. We have really started to practice verbalizing and signing objects. The easiest items have been foods and pets. A big help has been the Baby Signing Time series that the boys absolutely love...and that their parents unfortunately can sing all the songs in their sleep. They perk up two rooms away when they hear the theme music. It is the only television that we let them watch, other than some sports. They are boys.

Back to the story. We were eating the banana, and I'm showing them how to peel it, showing them the sign for banana, and slowly enunciating each syllable before saying the whole thing together. Park is laughing hysterically. Then he starts repeating what I'm saying. "Bah-nan-na-na-na". It sounded soooo much like banana, I ran back to get Randi to have her confirm it. He did it only once for her, but must have done it 6 times prior to that. I'm not going to say it's his first word, but he is starting to parrot what we are saying. This made Randi's warnings hit home. We'd better watch what we say around him.