Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Lori brought up the boys antics in her comment a couple posts ago. Well, here is some gravy for you on their recent happenings.

This is Parks after we went to Chili's one night. He had just finished a large helping of mashed potatoes and decided he wanted some of my quesadilla. He bit off a little more than he could chew and threw up everything on himself, the high chair, the table, and the floor. He has one of the easiest gag reflexes I've ever seen. We had no change of clothes (which we now carry with us everywhere) and went through a small forest of napkins to clean it up. So, he had to sit like this the rest of dinner and ride home in nothing but a diaper.

This is a picture of Wyatt with a large bruise under his left eye (see arrow). He is just learning to crawl and trying to do so from a seated position. We have had a hard time finding things that would motivate him to take the first step of lunging out towards the item. For Easter, the boys got soccer ball easter eggs that open in half to fill them with candy, and they loved them. The egg was open in half and was sitting edge-ways up. The next thing we know, he flops down face first onto the egg without putting his hands up. He ended up with a nice crescent imprint on his cheek for several days. That's life with boys, huh.


Lori said...

OH MY!!!! Parks looks like he is sitting there chillin' and cheezin'!! His facial expressions crack me up! And Wyatt!!! Poor little tough guy! In this pic he has the funniest look on his face!

You definitely have your hands full! I love to see and hear how different their personalities are. Thanks for the peek into your "sea of controlled chaos" LOL! Miss you guys!

JMom said...

I have been way behind on checking these pictures! They are getting so big!!! what handsome men you have! (I also love the new blog look.)