Monday, April 28, 2008

Mobile Phone Pictures

I was clearing the SD card from my phone and found some candid moments when there just wasn't a real camera around.

This is a picture of Wyatt chewing on the table at our favorite pizza place in Pensacola. This same night we learned that he was deathly afraid of ceiling fans on high speed.

Randi captured these pictures of some of Parks' first smiles.

These are pictures of the family at A-Day, Auburn football spring game recently. The boys paid more attention to the people in the stands than they did to the action on the field. That is why we are not going to spend an extra $35-$50 per head to get them into football games this fall. We will save that until they are old enough to enjoy it...or we get free tickets.

These are pictures of Parks on an outing to Lowe's. As you might can see, we are in the outdoor power equipment area doing a little wishful thinking. He was still a little man, and this was his first trip in the front of the buggie.