Saturday, April 28, 2007

31 Weeks Today!!

Note: We are going to start getting into the habit of using the boys real names. I would hate to be in the NICU trying to make an important decision and call them by Pooh or Tigger. So, from here on out Pooh is Wyatt and Tigger is Parks (Randi won, of course).

Randi went in today for more fluids, monitoring and ultrasounds. The babies are loving the IV fluids. Both babies had very full bladders and their amniotic fluid levels are good. Parks's umbilical blood flows look stellar, and Wyatt is holding steady with absent end diastolic flow. Randi is returning to Labor and Delivery on Monday for more IV fluids and peace of mind. We will look at the heart rate tracings to determine whether to call the doctor up from his off to do an ultrasound scan. If we don't get one Monday, we will definitely get one on Tuesday at our regularly scheduled appointment.


Bolline Family said...

Every day is such a gift, congrats on making it so far already.

Wyatt and Parks =-) are so blessed to have parents that have taken every step they could to give their boys the best possible outcome. And God has certainly answered prayers!

Jennisa said...

31 weeks! WOW! How far you have come! I still LOVE your names. My husband LOVES Wyatt, and if Liv was a boy, that was his choice! So good that you have happy little active babies in there! Every day from here on out is a blessing! KEEP GROWING BABIES!

katie said...

great news... 31 weeks!
praying with you, katie

Perri said...

31 weeks.
God is good - this we know.
Hang in there.
Praying in Indiana.

Aunt Boo said...

31 weeks! Randi and Todd that is awesome and proof that many prayers have been answered.

I am here, praying for Wyatt and Parks and their mom and dad.

Have a great day!


Kim said...

Wow, it sounds like everything is going wonderfully! 31 weeks is fantasic, I Am loving the names that you have given them.