Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lets Go Duke!

We sent Duke, A.K.A. Solivia's Charleston, off today until the end of July on his quest for an American Championship. He will be shown with the help of the kennel where we got Duke and Dante, Soliva's Pointers. Dante, A.K.A. Solivia's You Wish, won his American and Canadian Championships years ago. He will be in good hands while we get the babies here and settled. We are going to miss him while he's gone.


Melodie said...

I know you will miss Duke. I can't imagine being without Bailey that long. I still remember giving Clay the twins' blankets from the hospital to give to Bailey. I wanted her to have their scent before we came home. She was so protective of them; however, she tries to boss them often and is quite the tattler, particularly now that they are 4 and up to something constantly. Know that we are thinking of you and praying for all of you. We thank God for each day we have to wait for their arrival.

Anonymous said...

Dante will be loving life for the next couple of months!...except for the new "brothers" to contend with...Dante, you might want to try a visit with you cousin Hope!!!

Colnol said...

Good luck!!