Saturday, April 14, 2007

And The Winners Are...

We have names. Names, names, and more names. We went through our baby books, and marked down any names that struck us. Of the four names that we needed, we came up with roughly 120. This was our long list. On this list, we had such notables as Thor, Mohawk, and Ulysses. These were my fun names, and Randi wasn't too thrilled with them. We made our first cuts and narrowed the names down to a short list with about 60 names. Finally, we made our last cut, and came up with our "short, short" list of 20 names. We worked the names into combinations until we finally found two we loved. So, without further ado, the names are:

Baby A, a.k.a. Pooh, is Samuel Wyatt

We named him Samuel for the biblical prophet and judge who was the son of Hannah. She was barren, prayed and asked God for a son. She promised that if He granted her request, she would dedicate him to God's service. So, Samuel means "given to God."
"'I prayed for the child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.' So now, I give him to the Lord. For his whole life, he will be given over the the Lord." I Samuel 1:27-28

We named him Wyatt because it means "little fighter" or "ready for combat." We felt that this little guy has had to fight this whole pregnancy, and he deserved a name appropriate with this.

Baby B, a.k.a. Tigger, is Emerson Parks

We named him Emerson after one of my favorite authors, Ralph Waldo Emerson. His writings have been influential throughout my life.
"Trust thyself: every heart beats to that iron string. Accept the place the divine proidence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events."
"We are never tired, as long as we can see far enough."

We named him Parks, well, simply because we like that name. We joke that it came from my affinity for the National Parks, of which I've been to more than 150, or Rosa Parks, or Cherokee Parks, a former Duke basketball player.


Carrie said...

Just had to comment on the great name choices. I've been following your journey after reading about your story on Jennisa's blog. I have a Samuel myself and as a former Park Ranger (Voyageurs National Park)
I have soft spot for that unique name as well.
Praying for you daily!!!!!!

JenMom said...

I am so excited to be able to call them Wyatt & Parks...or will it be Parks & Wyatt? It is all so exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to have such meaning to their names. This will be fun to explain as they get older.
Love ya,

Brooke said...

I LOVE the names :) Very unique, just like the little guys.

Michelle said...

Love the names you have chosen. I am praying you don't get to call them that to their faces for several more weeks.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the names!!!! I have a good friend with twin boys and one of them is named Parks. What a great name! And how sweet, Wyatt "the little fighter". (Of course Samuel and Emerson are fantastic names as well).

I'm praying DAILY for y'all.
Take care,

Perri said...

I love your name choices. Now I can specifically pray for them by name.

Congratulations on 29 weeks.

Jennisa said...

Great names! Samuel and Emerson! What wonderful, manly names! Isn't picking the 'perfect' name such hard thing to do? After all, it's a word that you're going to be saying 100 times a day for 18+ years! I love your choices!!!!

Aunt Boo said...

Hi Randi & Todd,

The names are great and I am glad to "hear" that things are going good. Congrats on another milestone.

You are always in my prayers.


Bolline Family said...

Congrats on the perfect name choices!! I agree with Perri, it's great to be able to pray for them by name!

keri said...

it's hard enough to name one child...but to have to come up with 2 names would be hard to do! its exciting to hear your choices -- they are great!

melodie miller said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! It is so special how much thought you have both put into naming them. Their names are perfect!

Dawn said...

Coming out of lurkerdom here to tell you how much I love the names!! :) Congratulations on being able to narrow it down. My husband and I named our son after a park in Texas (Garner) - so of course I am in love with Emerson's middle name!

I have been following your blog for months, praying for you both and your little babies. I will continue to keep you all at the top of my list.

Many blessings,

Liz said...

Great names! Just got the gifts back that had monograms on them - they'll still be applicable. Should get them in the mail to you this week!!

Alison said...

Perfect names!!!

Anonymous said...

You may remember me. I went to Brookstone and graduated the same year as you and Jen. Anyway, I have been praying for ya'll, and I too am glad to be able to pray for the babies by name! I love your choices by the way.
Maria Willis Bledsoe