Saturday, April 21, 2007

What A Difference 4 Weeks Makes...

Pooh at 30 weeks

Pooh at 26 weeks
We have been unable to get a good shot of Pooh's face or profile for weeks due to the fact that he was prone (facing inside of me or towards my back). All we have been seeing is his spine. He has finally turned a little and I was thrilled to see his little face again. If you compare the two photos above, the first at 30 weeks gestation and the second at 26 weeks gestation, you can see that he now has cheeks. As you can tell, he's still a tiny little thing, but I was so excited to see that he's putting on fat stores. He doesn't look as much like a skeleton anymore and is beginning to look more like a baby. This fat will help him tremendously in the first days after birth when babies generally drop weight.

On another note, I was in the hospital all day receiving fluids and being monitored. Afterwards, all signs of reverse-end diastolic flow were gone. We have managed to buy a couple more days. I will be back in the hospital on Monday and at the perinatologist's office on Tuesday for dopplers and growth scans. Please pray that by Tuesday we'll have a 2 pounder in Pooh. If so, it will be worth every Ensure I have had to drink.

Oh, and in case you all are wondering why we are still referring to our boys as Pooh and Tigger, it's because Todd and I are still deciding whether to call Tigger Emerson or Parks. Todd and I have differing opinions. Neither one of us is willing to back down just yet, so we'll see what happens.


Bolline Family said...

Congrats on 30 Weeks!!! Love all the photos! Praying for at least a few more weeks!

mommyoftwinboys06 said...

Still praying for you guys here in Alabama! Thank our Father above for the time he letting be borrowed and take the light from the Devil and steal what you can!
Keep the faith and just know how blessed you are.

Our boys made their grand entrance at 32 wks. 6 days and each time as I look at them I think of you and yours.

I do not know you, but probably your heart I do.

God's blessings on you four.

katie said...

randi, glad to hear good news... and to see the sweet little face! (oh, i'm late, but i love your names too!)

Jennisa said...

I love the name Parks...I think that's so cute! Glad the babies are doing well!

melodie miller said...

Keep it up...You are a true inspiration!!! You both are such great parents already. We pray for all of you daily.

Anonymous said...

Pooh's smilin at ya saying "Thanks for taking such good care of me and Tigger too". Hang in there, it's the homestretch, you'll be pinching those chubby cheeks before you know it! ~Melissa S.

Anonymous said...

Wyatt aka "Pooh" is definitely looking more like his mom these days....and just as determined and strong in spirit as she is! "Little fighter" is certainly what he is...good call with his namesake. Soooo glad to see the 30's now! Go celebrate with another Ensure!!
Love you all!

Ted said...

Hold your ground on the names Todd. Much like Bobby Cox arguing balls and strikes, you won't win this argument. But it might allow you to swing a close call your way down the road.

More importantly, we are continuiing to pray you you guys. Prayers for Pooh & Tigger are a regular part of Aiden's bedtime prayers.