Thursday, May 10, 2007


Great comment, Ted. I feel the need to elaborate. Although the rooms at the hospital we have been in and out of over the last month have been enormous compared to the rooms at the hospital with the NICU where we will be delivering, I firmly believe that there are no good hospital beds anywhere. I would much rather be on my ThermaRest and mummy bag, than on a cot or fold-away. The rooms at our "delivery" hospital are, no lie, about the size of the bathrooms at our current facilities. At least at out current place, I had a sleeper-sofa. At the next place, there might not be a cot in the room if I do not request one by the time they run out. I have heard horror stories from other dads.

I do not feel any better for Randi. She has been staying in true Labor and Delivery rooms. This means that all the beds break-away for delivery in-room with stirrups and large red trash bags underneath to catch God knows what. She sounded like she would gladly switch with me. Anyways, I thought I would lighten the mood before we came back with any serious updates later tonight. I know you're all pregnant with anticipation. (pun intended-EAYC)


Anonymous said...

okay todd, i am dying for an update and to know how much the babies weigh, but in the meantime i would like to comment on your and ted's comments on the accommodations of the hospital. i am now very pregnant with my 3rd. with my 2nd my mother-in-law suggested to me that my husband come home at night so that he could be comfortable. i love my mother in law, but this was my response. "i have now been in this "condition" for 9 months and i am about to go through l&d. i think he can handle a sofa contraption for at least two nights!!!" and she agreed and that was the end of that!!! sorry, but i had to harass you a little and enjoy the "lighter" side of things with you! on a serious note, i am praying constantly for you all! take care and i'll be looking for an update! :), kimberly mason (one of randi's college roomates)

Anonymous said...

I'm VERY "pregnant with anticipation"! I need an update on Randi, Parks and Wyatt asap.

I'm wondering if GOD is planning a huge mother's day gift for you, Randi.

We continue to pray!


Anonymous said...

oh todd! if you knew me, you would know that i am totally just playing around with you! take care! kimberly :)