Friday, May 4, 2007

One Down, One To Go

We went to the OB this morning for our 32 week appointment. The OB really didn't think that we would still be pregnant when we scheduled this appointment, so we showed her. Everything there was pretty cut and dry. Even though she will be the one delivering the boys, we really feel like we have more of a relationship with the perinatologist. They are also at different hospitals across town, so there is a little bit of tension that preexists anyways. Randi's belly is measuring 36 weeks in size, but neither of us feels that she looks like shes about to "pop."

We have another appointment with the perinatologist this afternoon. I thought I would go ahead and post now, in between doctor's visits, because I am going to be scrambling to get out of town if everything looks good with Randi. I'll leave this afternoon, meet up my friends that are already down there for a 3 a.m. show tonight, go to the fairgrounds on Saturday all day, and come home later that evening. It's not the extended weekend I am used to, but I am completely thankful that I am getting to go at all.