Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hi everyone! So sorry we haven't posted in a few days. I have lots to share, so let's see how organized I can keep this...

First of all, everyone is still doing great. Parks is eating from a bottle, and they have discontinued his TPN (IV nutrition) in hopes that he will take more by bottle. He is now back up to his birth weight. Wyatt is on continuous feed through a nasogastric tube. He is doing well and is now 2 lbs. 7.3 oz., well above his birth weight. He even looks bigger to me!

Both head ultrasounds were done late Monday evening. We received the results from the Neonatologist last night. If I understand correctly, Wyatt may have had a Grade 1 bleed in utero that is now classified as Choroid Plexus Cyst (CPC). The choroid plexus is the part of the brain that makes cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that normally bathes and protects the brain and spinal column. In about 1 percent to 2 percent of normal babies -- 1 out of 50 to 100 -- a tiny bubble of fluid is pinched off as the choroid plexus forms. This appears as a cyst inside the choroid plexus at the time of ultrasound. A choroid plexus cyst can be likened to a blister and is not considered a brain abnormality. As I did a little research last night, it seems that most of these CPC's are diagnosed in utero. This makes me very curious because I remember the U/S technicians measuring both babies choroids' almost every time we had an U/S. Maybe I'll ask the peri next time I see him. Regardless, it sounds like it may be completely benign and not something we should be worried with. Parks passed his scans with flying colors, no abnormalities whatsoever. They will both have a repeat U/S in a month to see if there have been any changes.

I am continuing to recover from the c-section. Everyone says they are a breeze, but I think they have just forgotten, much like women seem to forget all the bad stuff that occurs during pregnancy. I had a very rough first day and am still in some pain, but I am getting around much better. I can only imagine if I had both babies home with me. I would need some serious help!

Todd and I feel like Parks could come home any day now. The NICU doesn't like to predict these things, so we feel like they'll probably let us know he's coming home a few hours before he actually does. We are working hard at home to get everything ready for him. It's going to be tough having one at home and one in the NICU. I hate that they have to be apart for so long, but I cannot wait to get him home.

It's almost time to feed Parks, so I better run. Thanks to everyone for your faithfulness and prayers.


BenC said...

Congratulations! My wife and I have been following your blog since about two weeks ago. It was then that my wife was diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome in our two girls. Abigail and Natalie were actually delivered on May 15th at 26 weeks (the same as Parks and Wyatt!) Both are in the ICN at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC and are doing great.

Just want to let you know that we're praying for you guys and are even a little jealous that you can hold yours ;) Hopefully within the next week or so we can start the kangaroo care with our girls. God is truly working miracles around here. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that everyone is doing well. The pictures are precious. Randi, C-sections aren't all a breeze. I had four and amazingly enough the fourth was the easiest! We will keep praying for you and your recovery in time for Parks to come home.
Christa W

Carey said...

I promise my second c-section was so much easier, knowing what to expect, etc. I laughed at the nurse when she told me that I had to get out of bed to go the bathroom the next day! The hard part was not being able to pick up Ansley for six weeks. She had to learn how to get up and down the stairs without my carrying her. We can't wait to meet the boys and you are in our daily prayers.

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! Glad things are goingwell! I will continue to pray for your healing and comfort!

Anonymous said...

Isn't life grand? I LOVE the pictures. Keep them coming! The four of you make a beautiful family.

Also, so glad to hear the great update! Terrific that both are doing so well.

Dennis, Rose and our Clan said...

Oh the boys look great!! I am so glad everyone is doing soo good!

Mandy said...

Congratulations! Your little miracles are beautiful. I continue to pray for your children and specifically that Wyatt will have a short stay in hospital and will soon be "caught up" in growth to Parks. I also pray for your health and well being as it is the most important ingredient (in my opinion) to keeping up with babies!

Take care, God bless!