Thursday, May 17, 2007

eMotion Pictures (Nice Double Entendre)

I am posting videos above of the boys shortly after birth.

Randi and the boys are doing well. Randi is up and around, and she is feeling exponentially better today over yesterday. She is eating solids and trying to get some nourishment to the babies. More on that later. I want to stress again our gratitude to everyone out there for the phone calls, emails, and comments on this blog. Also, I wanted to let you all know that I am printing off copies of the posts I am writing while she is admitted and their comments for her to read in the hospital, since we still have no internet and spotty cell phone reception. She enjoys the encouragement.

They started feeding both babies last night, and so far, they have taken the food well via feeding tube. We are trying to give them as much natural food as possible but are having intermittent results. She is trying her best not to get discouraged here at the beginning but push on through. They have moved Parks out of the warming drawer and into a regular crib because he is regulating his body temperature so well. He is taking the feeds and is looking great. Wyatt is still in the isolette only because of his weight and lack of body fat stores. Both boys are most likely getting put under the bili lights for neonatal jaundice. This is common in premature babies and usually lasts at the most 14 days. It is presumably a consequence of metabolic and physiological adjustments after birth.

We are getting to see them both several times a day and hold them twice a day. Randi held Wyatt for the first time last night. She has to hold him skin to skin to her chest, in what's called "kangaroo care," since he loses body heat so fast. We are also hoping that it will help him want the breast and aid Randi in pumping. Randi most likely going to be discharged tomorrow. I'm sure she will be happy to go home and get rested better in preparation for the boys coming home, although it has been nice to just walk down the hall to see them. We are so thankful for the outcomes thus far. For as many REAL concerns as we had, it only shows that God it good.


Anonymous said...

Rest, Rest, Rest when you get home. There will be no more rest for 18 years.

Tennille said...

They are gorgeous. Like the previous poster, rest when you get home. I had one in the NICU for almost 4 weeks. It is hard, but remember that it is the best for the boys. You looked so happy in the photo of you holding the babies. Take care of each other.

Carrie said...

Hi Randi -
From reading your husband's posts it is easy to see that you have a wonderful husband and daddy for your baby boys. Rest up and happy pumping. If you get sore there are wonderful gelly things called soothies ( that you can stick in the frig and wear under your bra for some relief. The first week or so is the worst and then after that the pain subsides.

Anonymous said...

randi, don't get discouraged about the pumping! it takes alot of time to get it going!!!!!! i could tell you some funny stories about pumping, but in the interest of mixed company i better save that for a phone conversation!!!! :) it will get better and easier!!! plus, maybe when you get parks home you can actually nurse him and that will def help your supply! take care! you are in my prayers!!! love, kimberly mason

Anonymous said...

About pumping, this sounds crazy but cabbage really helps when your breasts become engorged. Just take the leaf from the cabbage and wrap it around your breast. Wait about 15 minutes and pump. Dont get discouraged if wyatt has a hard time sucking and keep in mind that he needs a higher calorie intake so they may mix your breast milk with a high calorie formula. Does the NICU have nipple shields? That helps with their sucking. Good luck!


Andi said...

Don't get discouraged! It took my daughter almost 6 whole weeks to learn to nurse, but once she got going, there was no stopping her! And if you pump frequently enough, you will not get engorged in the first place! Yay! So glad your precious babies are doing so well!