Saturday, May 12, 2007

...And Its Not Over Yet

I'm not sure if you read JenMom's comments on our last post, but here is an update since the perinatolgist came in after his clinic hours. It's late, and we are trying to switch rooms. We have been in Triage all day and are trying to get a room I can sleep in and stay with Randi.

The Doctor was definitely concerned with the deterioration of Randi's well-being since last night at his office. He ordered an additional 20 mg Lasix to keep pushing fluids out of Randi and get rid of the pulmonary edema. He also ordered Albuterol that is a bronchial dilator to assist with the wheezing. Furthermore, Randi started to exhibit a fever of 102. He next ordered a chest x-ray to make sure that she did not have bronchitis or pneumonia. Those x-rays did come back negative, but there was something bacterial that showed up in her urine as well as in her bloodwork. She is now on two broad-spectrum antibiotics. She has been stuck a lot today. They keep ordering a blood test called a BNP that assesses the condition of her heart. We have one more round of antibiotics tonight, and then we get to do reassess everything tomorrow. Luckily, our perinatologist is the doctor that is on call all weekend. I'm sure we will have more information soon. Thanks again for the prayers, gifts and help with everything.


JenMom said...

Woke up praying for you. I am hoping today is peaceful and full of much-needed rest for you guys.

bethcordell said...

we are praying for you today!!!!